Mr. Davy Ma

Executive Director of Lego Corporate Finance Limited
Responsible Officer of Lego Corporate Finance Limited

D: +852 2128 9423

F: +852 2123 1746

Mr. Ma is an executive director and Responsible Officer of Lego Corporate Finance Limited for Type 6 (advising on corporate finance) regulated activity under the SFO. He is also one of the sponsor principals of Lego Corporate Finance Limited. Mr. Ma has over 12 years of experience in corporate finance, transaction advisory and auditing.

Before joining Lego, Mr. Ma has spent 3 years with Quam Capital Limited and completed a number of IPO transactions and a wide range of financial advisory transactions. Before that, Mr. Ma also spent approximately 2 years with transaction advisory department and over 3 years with the audit department of two Big 4 accounting firms.

Mr. Ma graduated from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Accounting and Management of Organisation, He is also a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Below are the selected track records of deals completed by Davy:

  • Snack Empire Holdings Limited(stock code: 1843)
  • Ying Hai Group Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 8668)
  • CTEH INC. (stock code: 1620)
  • Zioncom Holdings Limited (stock code: 8287)
  • WWPKG Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 8069)
  • EFT Solutions Holdings Limited (stock code: 8062)
  • On Real International Holdings Limited (stock code: 8245)
  • Hanbo Enterprises Holdings Limited (stock code: 1367)

In relation to takeovers of listed companies/whitewash waiver:

  • Hope Life International Holdings Limited (stock code: 1683)
  • Quam Limited (stock code: 952)
  • Tempus Holdings Limited (stock code: 6880)
  • Meilleure Health International Industry Group Limited (stock code: 2327)
  • Huajun International Group Limited (stock code: 377)
  • Landsea Green Properties Co., Ltd (stock code: 106)
  • DT Capital Limited (stock code: 356)
  • Sino Splendid Holdings Limited (stock code: 8006)

In relation to debt restructuring/resumption/privatisation:

  • Boshiwa International Holding Limited (stock code: 1698)
  • Titan Petrochemicals Group Limited (stock code: 1192)