Mr. Gary Mui

Chairman, CEO and executive director

D: +852 2128 9488

F: +852 2123 1746

Mr. Mui is the Chairman, CEO and executive director of LFG Investment Holdings Limited and a director of Lego Corporate Finance Limited, Lego Securities Limited, Lego Asset Management Limited, Lego Asset Management (Cayman) Limited and Lego Funds SPC Limited. Mr. Mui has acted as a Responsible Officer of Lego Corporate Finance Limited for Type 6 (advising on corporate finance) regulated activity under the SFO and is one of the sponsor principals of Lego Corporate Finance Limited. Mr. Mui is mainly responsible for the overall strategic planning, management, operation and business development of our Group.

Mr. Mui has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the finance and investment banking industries with extensive experience in leading and supervising different types of corporate finance transactions. Prior to joining our Group, Mr. Mui had held senior leadership positions at various licensed corporations. From January 2009 to January 2016, he worked at Quam Capital Limited (now known as Chian Tonghai Capital Limited) (“Quam Capital”) and his last position was the deputy chief executive officer and a Responsible Officer of Quam Capital for Type 6 (advising on corporate finance) regulated activity. Prior to that, he had worked at Optima Capital Limited from September 2005 to January 2009 and was a Responsible Officer of Optima Capital Limited for Type 6 (advising on corporate finance) regulated activity, Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance Limited from August 2000 to September 2005 with his last position as an associate director and Pacific Challenge Capital Limited from August 1999 to August 2000 with his last position as a manager.

Mr. Mui obtained a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance from The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia in April 1997 and has been a Fellow of CPA Australia since February 2019.

Below are the selected track records of deals completed by Gary:

  • Best Mart 360 Holdings Limited (stock code: 2360)
  • K Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 8475)
  • CTEH INC. (stock code: 1620)
  • B&S International Holdings Limited (stock code : 1705)
  • Atlinks Group Limited (stock code: 8043)
  • Zioncom Holdings Limited (stock code: 8287)
  • Takbo Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 8436)
  • Wan Cheng Metal Packaging Company Limited (stock code: 8291)
  • My Heart Bodibra Group Limited (stock code: 8297)
  • BCI Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 8412)
  • WWPKG Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 8069)
  • HongGuang Lighting Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 8343)
  • EFT Solutions Holdings Limited (stock code: 8062)
  • IBI Group Holdings Limited (stock code: 1547)
  • Janco Holdings Limited (stock code: 8035)
  • NNK Group Limited (stock code: 3773)
  • On Real International Holdings Limited (stock code: 8245)
  • Tic Tac International Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 1470)
  • Hanbo Enterprises Holdings Limited (stock code: 1367)
  • U Banquet Group Holding Limited (stock code: 8107)
  • China Binary Sale Technology Limited (stock code: 8255)
  • ZMFY Automobile Glass Services Limited (stock code: 8135)
  • Roma Group Limited (stock code: 8072)
  • China City Railway Transportation Technology Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 8240)
  • Juda International Holdings Limited (stock code: 1329)
  • Noble House (China) Holdings Limited (stock code: 8246)
  • Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Company Limited (stock code: 8160)
  • Gayety Holdings Limited (stock code: 8179)
  • Convoy Financial Services Holdings Limited (stock code: 1019)
  • Perception Digital Holdings Limited (stock code: 8248)
  • Dynasty Fine Wines Group Limited (stock code: 828)
  • Sunlink International Holdings Limited (stock code: 2336)
  • Sonavox International Holdings Limited (stock code: 8226)
  • Jessica Publications Limited (stock code: 8137)
  • Essex BioTechnology Limited (stock code: 8151)

In relation to takeovers of listed companies/whitewash waiver:

  • Sage International Group Limited (Stock Code: 8082)
  • Champsword Limited
  • International Elite Limited (Stock Code: 1328)
  • Top Dynamic International Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 2203)
  • Pacific Plywood Holdings Limited (stock code: 767)
  • Hanbo Enterprises Holdings Ltd (stock code: 1367)
  • Global Link Communications Holdings Limited (stock code: 8060)
  • Yuhua Energy Holdings Limited (stock code: 2728)
  • Legend Strategy International Holdings Group Company Limited (stock code: 1355)
  • OTO Holdings Limited (stock code: 6880)
  • Kai Shi China Holdings Company Limited (stock code: 1281)
  • New Island Development Holdings Limited (stock code: 377)
  • Incutech Investment Limited (stock code: 356)
  • Allied Cement Holdings Limited (stock code: 1312)
  • Jiwa Bio-Pharm Holdings Limited (stock code: 2327)
  • Shenzhen High-Tech Holdings Limited (stock code: 106)
  • King Stone Energy Group Limited (stock code: 663)
  • Excel Technology International Holdings Limited (stock code: 8048)
  • JF Household Furnishings Limited (stock code: 776)
  • K.P.I. Company Limited (stock code: 605)
  • Kwang Sung Electronics H.K. Co. Limited (stock code: 2310)
  • Flex System Holdings Limited (stock code: 8050)
  • New Capital International Investment Limited (stock code: 1062)
  • Ngai Lik Industries Holdings Limited (stock code: 332)
  • Tonic Industries Holdings Limited (stock code: 978)
  • Sonavox International Holdings Limited (stock code: 8226)
  • Termbray Industries International (Holdings) Limited (stock code: 93)
  • Same Time Holdings Limited (stock code: 451)
  • China Haidian Holdings Limited (stock code: 256)
  • Shanghai Zendai Property Limited (stock code: 755)
  • BEP International Holdings Limited (stock code: 2326)
  • Emperor International Holdings Limited (stock code: 163)
  • Zida Computer Technologies Limited (stock code: 859)
  • Applied (China) Limited (stock code: 472)
  • Leaptek Limited (stock code: 336)
  • Greater China Sci-Tech Holdings Limited (stock code: 431)

In relation to debt restructuring/resumption/privatisation:

  • Titan Petrochemicals Group Limited (stock code: 1192)
  • Norstar Founders Group Limited (stock code: 2339)
  • Magic Holdings International Limited (stock code: 1633)
  • FU JI Food and Catering Services Holdings Limited (stock code: 1175)
  • Little Sheep Group Limited (stock code: 968)
  • Creative Energy Solutions Holdings Limited (stock code: 8109)
  • Great Wall Cybertech Limited (stock code: 689)
  • Euro-Asia Agricultural (Holdings) Company Limited (stock code: 932)
  • KEL Holdings Limited (stock code: 681)
  • UDL Holdings Limited (stock code: 620)